How hard is it to become an image editor? You will find many tools that will make photo editing look easy. But the trick is the visualization skills. This is what makes it so demandable.

If you can see through your audience’s eye and know how to hook them with your images consider yourself a successful photo editor. The world is now revolving around technology. Businesses are using images and videos to connect with people. If you can edit images and make them appealing companies would want you.

If you don’t want to work in a 9 to 5 job, you can do freelancing. There are many successful image editing freelancers out there. Find them, learn from them and lastly implement. Yet the simple way to grow is to get professional image editing trainingIn this blog, we will discuss how to become an amazing photo editor.

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Can a graphic designer be a good photo editor?

A good graphic designer will be a good photo editor. This is because graphic design is visual art so is photo editing to convey a message or produce something informative. If you know the top 9 secrets of digital image editing, you can be a good image editor.   But yes, there are differences between these two roles which are described below.

Photo editing is the process of altering an image. Such as cropping, removing the background, changing the contrast, saturation, exposure, and so on.

Graphic design is a vector illustration in which the drawings are created digitally. Photo editing is the process of improving a photograph by using photo editing software’s features and composition.

Graphics design is primarily concerned with the creation and development of unique graphics for use in the digital environment. Image editing is used to remove undesired features. Such as dust specks and scratches, adjusting the geometry of the image.  It also includes rotating and cropping, sharpening or softening the image, making color changes, and adding special effects. Just like image editing courses online, you will have many graphic design tutorial videos. These resources are very helpful.

Now if you blend these two, you will have the skills and knowledge to make something more dynamic.

The checklist you need to be a professional image editor

For being a successful image editor make sure you have fulfilled this checklist.

  • Leadership abilities: Managing a large crew of photographers is a bonus.
  • Experience negotiating contracts and assigning projects to a respected and trustworthy group of freelance photographers.
  • Strong technical abilities and familiarity with editing software. Get fluent in Photoshop, InDesign, Bridge, Lightroom, and other similar programs.
  • Working with creative, digital marketing, and social media teams to produce, edit, and disseminate big volumes of photography for a number of functions is a skill.
  • Working in a fast-paced atmosphere with deadlines and where project requirements might change quickly
  • Be a strong decision-maker with editing skills and a grasp of how an image communicates the story of our organization.
  • Previous experience as a photo editor in an agency or for a corporation is a bonus.
  • Get Certified from a renowned IT professional Learning center.


As a photo editor of a company, you will have the responsibility of building its impression online by creating stories through images. Also as an editor, your job will be to make an image look beautiful and appealing. If you focus on acquiring all the skills and experience there is bright career growth ahead.